Toledo First Headline News | September 16, 2021

Theological Hmm: Many had come to him [John the Baptist] to receive the baptism of repentance, confessing their sins and crimes; but John could not understand why the only sinless One upon the earth should ask for an ordinance implying guilt, virtually confessing, by the symbol of baptism, pollution to be washed away. — Ellen White

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We secured two spots / minute for two weeks on the digital billboard above Chik-Fil-A. We also put a sign out front everyone sees pulling into the church driveway. And have invited all our daycare and TJA parents to tune in. Pray!
BEGINS TOMORROW Go to for registration, watching, and sharing info. Some TF seniors without technology might like an invite to your watch party. Would be nice to have four homes one each from the N, S, E, and W Toledo hosting...Please let church office know if you have room.
LORD, PREPARE ME TO BE A SANCTUARY - LAVER - THIS SABBATH SEPT 18 More than theological facts and biblical exegesis, this back-to-school sermon series continues September 18. You will have a deeper love for Jesus and a greater understanding of His plan to save you simply by studying the furniture God designed for the Old Testament sanctuary laid out east to west in the shape of a cross! Join us!
  • SEPT 18 Lord, Prepare Me To Be A Sanctuary - Laver (Pastor Mike preaching)
  • SEPT 25 Lord, Prepare Me To Be A Sanctuary - Altar of Incense (Pastor Mike preaching)
  • OCT 2 TBA (Pastor Steve preaching)
  • OCT 9 Lord, Prepare Me To Be A Sanctuary - Table of Shewbread (Pastor Mike preaching)
MISS A MESSAGE? Did you know you can read the sermon notes via Google Docs by clicking this link for Pastor Mike's Sermons?
CHURCH BUSINESS MEETING Our next church business meeting is Sunday September 26 @ 10am. We will be responding to the recommendations of the building committee regarding the proposed school addition.

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FALL SIX WEEK GROUP continues every Wednesday until October 20. This helpful little book helps you better understand how God saves, sanctifies, and glorifies! Join us Wednesday evenings @ 7pm. You can also download a free digital copy of this book.

Join us September 25 as we welcome more members
into our church family through baptism.

DAD JOKE OF THE WEEK Anyone who can spell drawer backwards will get reward.
If you're new to Toledo First Church, if you're considering officially joining us, if you're ready to take that next step, join us for Membership Class where you'll learn more about who we are and why we do what we do. Membership Classes will be taking place Sabbath (Saturday) afternoons OCT 2 / 9 / 23 at church from 2-4pm.
One Friday evening Mark Janacek was streaming through Amazon Prime Video, searching for something to watch, when he noticed The Days of Noah, a four-part documentary produced by a Seventh-day Adventist supporting ministry. He didn’t know anything about Adventists, but the film title intrigued him, and he decided to check it out. Maybe you should too! Check out this Adventist Review article about him.
There is a list of needed food pantry items on the bulletin board. Also, funds contributed to the pantry help a great deal as they allow the purchase of needed items. Thank you for giving!
The Seventh-day Adventist Church places strong emphasis on health and well-being. As such, it encourages responsible immunization / vaccination. For more info on their latest guidance about vaccines, click the link.
TIME TO SIGN UP! Adventurers (ages 4-9) and Pathfinders (ages 10-16) are co-ed Christian scouting groups that will resume meeting soon. Click here for details. You can also learn more about Pathfinders here and Adventurers here.
NEW TIME! MONTHLY PLANTSTRONG PEOPLE GROUP CONTINUES WED SEPT 29 AT 6pm Make plans now to introduce others to Jesus the Creator of all good food (Genesis 1:29).
WELCOME TO THE FAMILY RETREAT OCTOBER 22-24, 2021 This brand new event will connect new members with other members and the broader mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Ohio. Taking place in beautiful Camp Mohaven, stay tuned for more info regarding free registration, meals, lodging and gift.
VEGETARIAN FOOD The next vegetarian food order date is November 4, 2021. Delivery will be November 9, 2021. 
THIRD QUARTER, 2021, BIBLE STUDY GUIDES (QUARTERLIES) are now in the church foyer as well as the yellow ‘Signs’ box under the east church canopy entrance. You can also download the Bible Study Guides here. Or search in your app store (search for the blue and white "Sabbath School" logo in the category Education) and study in your app as well.

TruthLink online Bible studies offer doctrinal clarity while
showing the centrality of God's love.

Watch Forecasting Hope on YouTube.

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AMAZON SMILE Simply by starting your Amazon shopping at and selecting Toledo Junior Academy as your charity of choice, a percentage of your purchase will go to TJA.

PREPARING FOR ADOLESCENCE We listened and discussed all the topics in this book / audiobook with both our son and daughter before they became teens. Topics include avoiding feelings of inferiority, handling peer pressure, drug abuse, puberty, sexual development, menstruation, masturbation, romantic love, overcoming discouragement, sound decision-making, and handling independence. Please do not be too shy to discuss these things. Highly recommend Preparing for Adolescence.
For more info on ancient Jewish historian Josephus and his take on Nimrod and the Tower of Babel way before Ellen White's similar explanation click here.
ELLEN WHITE WEBSITE The internet is a blessing and a curse. One blessing comes in the form of a new website sharing balanced Seventh-day Adventist explanations of Ellen White and the 25 million words, 100k pages, and 49 books she wrote with a third grade education during her lifetime. The curse comes from the myriad of sites sharing inaccurate or intentionally misleading conclusions regarding her ministry. Whether others find her writings helpful or not, shouldn't one make that decision on reputable sources? One of my favorite quotes from her pen is: "Truth can afford to be fair."
DO YOU KNOW HOW YOUR TITHE DOLLARS ARE DISTRIBUTED? By far the largest portion of tithes in the North American Division (NAD) stays locally. For example, this is how a $100 portion of tithes are distributed in the NAD (based on 2018 figures). $66 stays in the local conference (Ohio for us); $10 goes to Defined Benefit Retirement; $9 goes to the Union Conference (Columbia Union Conference for us); $9.15 goes to the NAD; $5.85 goes to the General Conference. This information is taken from the Follow the Funds article on page 11 of the May 2020 issue of Adventist Journey.

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CHERRY STREET MEALS Volunteers are always needed to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner especially on Sundays and Thanksgiving. You can call Community Relations Manager Susan Graalman at 419-214-3357 or 419-214-3419. You can also email her at

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This organization sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist Church helps our understanding of nature and its relationship with the Biblical revelation of the Creator God. Click logo to see their site.

MEMBER SURVEY Have a prayer request? Bible question? Wanna pastoral visit? A member survey where you can submit this info is avail on our website.

OFFICE HOURS Pastor Mike is available evenings by appointment TUE - SAT. And also welcomes walk-in visits TUE and WED during business hours in church office.

Please contact the church office (419.882.6200; if you would like to be added or removed from timely church updates via text.
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