Toledo First Headline News | May 5, 2022

Theological Hmm: She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. When she speaks, her words are wise, and she gives instructions with kindness. – Proverbs 31:25-26 NLT

Join us during and after church this Sabbath when we celebrate our moms.

Our Heavenly Father,

Today, we come to you in prayer. We pray for the mothers of this world and all those who have filled that vital role of caregiver and nurturer. Lead them with your loving guidance, provide them with your unfailing support, and allow them the rest they don’t know how to ask for.

We say a special prayer for the mothers experiencing conflict, crisis, and poverty who want nothing more than to keep their children healthy and safe. Many are in need of a miracle and you, God, are the only one capable of miracles.

If they are in a place without peace, may they feel your peace in their hearts. If they have had to leave home, may they know their home is with you. We also pray for those who are consumed with pain. Wrap your arms around those who ache to experience motherhood and those who have felt the agony of loss.

Stay by the side of those who are remembering the love of their mothers and those who have never experienced that love. Guide us with your grace so that we may be a listening ear for those who want to share or a quiet presence for those who have no words.

In Jesus name, Amen.

Congratulations to the Toledo Junior Academy Movers LEGO team on placing 4th in Robot Missions out of 21 teams at the 2022 First Lego League Adventist Championships. We're so proud of you Abigail, Jonathan, Kaydyn, and Nolan! #TJA
There's an Adventist pastor in Australia who hosts a really well done TV show called The Incredible Journey. Recently, he wrote a short e-book PDF called "Finding Strength in the Midst of Pain." You can download a copy by clicking the link above or pick one up in the church office by request.

The Incredible Journey airs in Australia every Sunday morning on channel 9GEM at 8:25am. But you can always find them online at or on Facebook to watch any past programs as well. May you find strength in the midst of pain!
Pastor Mike loves space stuff. So he will be attending this NASA presentation. He has six seats in his van if anyone else wants to join him, contact him or the church office ASAP. They will leave the church parking lot at 12:30pm and probably return before 5pm. You're welcome to carpool or meet there as well.
Vegefood orders are due Tuesday, May 22.

Text or call your orders to: 419-882-6200 or email the office at: Specials / Price Lists will be  on the tables in the foyer and on the church Facebook page.

Delivery date will be Tuesday, May 31.

Don't spend your time dreaming of a better yesterday.

Join us this Sabbath May 7, 2022 for more about
How To Win Friends For Jesus.

Use nature, such as animals, flowers, and trees when preaching your lessons. (As your parishioners live out their daily lives, the lessons will be continually repeated every time these objects come into view.) (Excerpts from
The Desire of Ages pp.248, 254-256).

Every summer Seventh-day Adventist Christians from all across Ohio gather together for fun and fellowship and worship during Camp Meeting. This year, the dates are June 10 and 11. Click the link for a preview and invite and make plans now to attend!

DAD JOKE OF THE WEEK I ordered a chicken and an egg from Amazon. Will let you know.
  • MAY 7 How To Win Friends For Jesus Part 7 - Talk Less
  • MAY 14 How To Win Friends For Jesus Part 8 - Do Unto Others
  • MAY 21 How To Win Friends For Jesus Part 9 - Make Invitations
  • MAY 28 How To Win Friends For Jesus Part 10 - Lead Transparently
MISS A MESSAGE? Did you know you can read the sermon notes via Google Docs by clicking this link for Pastor Mike's Sermons?
Must be fully insured to drive young adult(s) to Camp Mohaven on Friday May 20, 2022 and pick up on Sunday May 22, 2022. Gas and vehicle provided for six hour round trip both days. Contact church office for more info. Here's the directions.
Enjoy a weekend in the woods at beautiful Camp Mohaven in Danville, Ohio engaging with God and other young adults ages 18-35 from across the state of Ohio. The weekend will be filled with music, food, fun, fellowship and interactive discussions. To register for free transportation and 50% discounted lodging, contact the church office ASAP.
There's a new Six Week Group meeting Thursdays at 7pm in church discussing the book we gave away during Serpentine Prophecy entitled Draining the Styx: Taking the Mystery Out of Death and Hell by Shawn Boonstra. You're welcome to join them!

If anyone missed an episode and wants to catch up from Serpentine Prophecy, contact the church office to borrow a USB drive with all four episodes.

Aren't you glad Jesus hold the keys to death and the grave (Revelation 1:18)!

Darla's Reading Revelation Six Week Group resumes WED MAY 4 @ 7pm in the church fellowship hall. 

Do you know a K-8th grader who would benefit from our Christocentric, grace based, community friendly Adventist school next year? Kindergarten is almost full for next year so go to to the website below. And share this invite everywhere you can! 

AMAZON SMILE Simply by starting your Amazon shopping at selecting Toledo Junior Academy as your charity of choice, a percentage of your purchase will go to TJA. Thanks for your support!

May 3    Gary Gooden
May 8    Alex Shrewsbery
May 12  Linda Ostrander
May 14  Tina Polzin
May 18  Linda Bilby
May 23  Debbie Balnaves
May 26  Janell Ashley
May 27  Cindy Leibengood
May 30  Sharon Crosby & Julie Larimore

Pastor Mike continues teaching a baptismal / Bible study class for children and adults in the church office every Sabbath from 10-10:45am. Parents are welcome as well.

Silent Praise meets Fridays at 5pm AND Sabbaths at 2pm at church. Spread the word! 

If you would like to donate to Community Closet, please call Miss Williams at (419) 283-7554. Please keep this ministry in your prayers as they continue to serve!
If you're able and willing to cheerfully support (2 Corinthians 9:7) our school building addition, please consider adding it to your monthly contributions. Every little bit will help us pay for the loan. Thank you for helping us introduce more students at Toledo Junior Academy to Jesus and do more good (Psalm 51:18)!
Click here to see final drawings for the proposed school addition.

Toledo First Church pays half of camp costs!
Contact the church office for more info.


May 13-15 - Adventurer Family Retreat (Ages 4-9)
May 20-22 - Immersion Young Adult Retreat (Ages 18-35)
June 12-18 - Cub Camp (Ages 6-9)
June 19-25 - Junior Camp (Ages 9-12)
June 26-July 2 - Tween Camp (Ages 12-15)
July 3-10 - Family Camp (All Ages)
July 10-16 - Teen Camp (Ages 15-17)
August 10-14 - Pathfinder Union Camporee (Ages 10-18)
Click here to register for camp!
Our prayer request box is located in the church foyer near the courtyard doors. Feel free to fill out the cards and drop them in! They will be forwarded to Cindy Crosby, Matthew Fulghum and other prayer warriors at church. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says pray without ceasing!

FRIDAYS 10-11am 

CURRENT ZOOM MEETING ID If you (or a senior you know) have limited or no internet access but want to listen to church (11am) on your phone, you can call 1 (312) 626-6799 (*long distance charges may apply) and enter Meeting ID 980 4326 7076. When prompted, please also add the password: 4909.

There is a beautiful Sabbath School app now available for download. Search your app store for "Sabbath School & PM."

TruthLink online Bible studies offer doctrinal clarity while showing the centrality of God's love.