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Greetings, church family,

BIBLE ENCOURAGEMENT: "Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say, rejoice." (Philippians 4:4: NIV) 

FAMILY LIFE WEEKEND: Our family life weekend begins this Friday at 7 pm with Dr. David Sedlacek and will conclude on Sabbath morning during our 11 am worship experience. Potluck will follow immediately afterward. 

DISTRICT MEETING W/ OHIO CONFERENCE: On July 20, our OH conference president, Bob Cundiff, will be at Toledo First to meet with all OH conference churches in the Northwest about some exciting stewardship plans at Camp Mohaven. The time is 7:00 pm. 

MINISTRY VACANCIES: Below in the newsletter are a few ministry areas in our church that have openings. Please take a look at them, and if you are interested in learning more about any of them, contact me. 

PRAYER: Continue to pray for those on our prayer list. Some new ones added this week are the Muniz family, who are grieving the loss of their son Evan (see below how you can help), Peggy Wolfson's son, Dan, who lost his wife, and more. 

Blessings to you, and as always, if I can assist you and your family, please let me know. 


PS: Remember to STAY THE COURSE!


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For more events, see below at the section called, church calendars. 



1. Men's Ministry

2. Family Life Ministry 

3. Sabbath School Secretary 

4. Socials Leader

5. Outreach Ministries Coordinator

6. Adventurer's Club Director






Please don't forget your secret sister!

Remember to try and place one small gift or card on the table in the foyer each month. 



    God's Pantry
        12:00 - 2:30

        (or until food runs out)

     The pantry always needs:
canned fruits and vegetables
            instant oatmeal
             peanut butter



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Weekly reminder:        Avoid arguing (Mark 11:27-33)

Prayer bookmarks available in the foyer.




Try this: Stop and do something quick that you have been putting off.

"If you serve your kids frozen pizza or chicken nuggets for dinner,
you are a terrible parent. I don’t care how busy you are,
find time to microwave them."


July Birthdays

Jul 03     Matt Crosby

Jul 05     Craige Rieger

Jul 06     Karen D. Simpson

Jul 11     Dominic Butler

Jul 11     Amanda Schell

Jul 12     Ana Myers

Jul 17     Lorraine Poulin

Jul 21     Heather Smith LaPoint       

Jul 26     Jonathan Ashley

Jul 26     Veela Burks

Jul 29     Diana Hanson

Jul 30     Brendan Leibengood






Muniz Family: Comfort and peace in their time of loss
Helen Konewka: Prayer for healing and restoration of her legs 
Regina Davis: Healing for her son who was in a bad motorcycle accident
Mary Snowberger: Lost keys
Sarah Fryman's Mom: Recovering from a heart attack
Shaun Lazarus & Family: Faith, strength & comfort after the loss of his brother 
Caulder Family: Comfort, strength, & peace in their time of loss
Helen Konewka: Healing for her daughter Karen's brain tumor
Gloria Clark & Ideisha: Healing, strength, & financial recovery
Liliana: Help with financial issues, career choices & son's health.
Kitsian: Lord's blessing to have a home of their own big enough for everyone
Julie: Patience, resiliency & resolution in a time of trials and tribulations
Sally & Shannon: Lord's protection, transportation,&  financial help
Sandy (Peggy's DIL)/Family: She has stage 4 pancreatic cancer 
Aaron: Proper diagnosis and healing for his health problems
Dennis Fryman: Health & rehabilitation from his recent health issues
Cindy Spalding and husband: Faith, strength, comfort, and peace in her time of loss
Patricia Kash: Blessings of healing, comfort & faith as she is fighting ovarian cancer
Josh Arhns: Healing strength, and comfort from  stomach cancer
George: Blessings of health, happiness & the Holy Spirit after his recent stroke
Kristopher: (Cathie’s son): Healing & strength after his spinal surgery 
Angelique: Blessings of comfort, peace, & faith after the passing of her friend
Dianna: Blessings of peace and joy and help to get her new home live in ready
Martha: Peace, faith & perseverance after losing both of her parents recently 
Tena: Healing, comfort & strength for cancer &  difficult chemo treatment
Alice: Healing, strength, & faith as she is in hospital with covid, kidney & pain issues
Travis & Emma: Blessings of health & financial stability
Lori Cole (Heather's SIL): Health & healing from cancer
Yohanna: God will provide a safe home for her family
Jeremy: Faith, strength, wisdom, comfort 
Bell-Fulghum Family: Comfort, strength, peace & joy in the Lord
Efrain Martes: Healing for back & leg pain
Debbie: Healing, good health, love, & solid finances
Jonathan (Cathie’s son): Strength from the Lord
Kim B: Restoration of health & healing for stomach pain
Mary Snowberger: Improvements of her health
Annette Martes: Health & healing
Jean Kline: Health & healing during her current health trials
Kimiko Kawakami: Healing & health
Bev Ostrander: Healing from accidental injury
Saira Fryman: Health & healing
Linda Fryman: Health & healing, peace, joy as she lives with Parkinson’s
Peggy Willardo: Healing from health problems & help with anxiety


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