Can the Bible Be Trusted? | Pastor Mike Fortune | November 16, 2013


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by Pastor Mike Fortune
November 16, 2013

  1. Yes, because many wrote about Jesus (Luke 1:1; 1 Kings 11:41; John 21:25) 
  2. Yes, because Jesus can be trusted (Luke 1:2; John 1:1; Luke 24:44) 
  3. Yes, because Luke can be trusted (Luke 1:3-4; Luke 3:1; Acts 18:24-26; Isaiah 40:7-8; Matthew 24:35) The Blue Parakeet, EGW

Luke 1:1-4

1 Many people have set out to write accounts about the events that have been fulfilled among us. 2 They used the eyewitness reports circulating among us from the early disciples. 3 Having carefully investigated everything from the beginning, I also have decided to write a careful account for you, most honorable Theophilus, 4 so you can be certain of the truth of everything you were taught.


1 Kings 11:41

41 The rest of the events in Solomon's reign, including all his deeds and his wisdom, are recorded in The Book of the Acts of Solomon.


John 21:25

25 Jesus also did many other things. If they were all written down, I suppose the whole world could not contain the books that would be written.


John 1:1

1 In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God.


Luke 24:44

44 Then he said, "When I was with you before, I told you that everything written about me in the law of Moses and the prophets and in the Psalms must be fulfilled." 45 Then he opened their minds to understand the Scriptures.


Luke 3:1

1 It was now the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius, the Roman emperor. Pontius Pilate was governor over Judea; Herod Antipas was ruler* over Galilee; his brother Philip was ruler* over Iturea and Traconitis; Lysanias was ruler over Abilene.


Acts 9:7 (KJV) (Genitive)

7 And the men which journeyed with him stood speechless, hearing a voice, but seeing no man.


Acts 22:9 (KJV) (Accusative)

9 And they that were with me saw indeed the light, and were afraid; but they heard not the voice of him that spake to me.


Acts 18:24-26

24 Meanwhile, a Jew named Apollos, an eloquent speaker who knew the Scriptures well, had arrived in Ephesus from Alexandria in Egypt. 25 He had been taught the way of the Lord, and he taught others about Jesus with an enthusiastic spirit and with accuracy. However, he knew only about John's baptism. 26 When Priscilla and Aquila heard him preaching boldly in the synagogue, they took him aside and explained the way of God even more accurately.


Scot McKnight, ch 3, The Blue Parakeet

God did not give the Bible so we could master Him or it; God gave the Bible so we could live it, so we could be mastered by it. The moment we think we've mastered it, we have failed to be readers of the Bible.


Ellen White, 1888 Materials p.1092

We cannot then take a position that the unity of the church consists in viewing every text of Scripture in the very same light. The church may pass resolution upon resolution to put down all disagreement of opinions, but we cannot force the mind and will, and thus root out disagreement. Nothing can perfect unity in the church but the spirit of Christlike forbearance.


Ellen White, 1 Selected Messages p.21

The Bible is written by inspired men, but is not God’s mode of thought and expression. It is that of humanity. Men will often say such an expression is not like God. But…it is not the words of the Bible that are inspired, but the men that were inspired.


Isaiah 40:7-8

7 The grass withers and the flowers fade beneath the breath of the LORD. And so it is with people. 8 The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever.


Matthew 24:35

35 Heaven and earth will disappear, but my words will never disappear.