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Singspiration - Aug 19, Sat 9:30 AM - Start your Sabbath singing with a mix of hymns and praise
Sylvania Care and Rehab Singing Bands - Aug 19, Sat 3:00 PM
Praise Dance Rehearsal - Aug 20, Sun 2:00 PM
Elizabeth Scott Singing Bands - Aug 26, Sat 3:00 PM
Praise Music JAM Session - Sep 2, Sat 6:00 PM
Faith for You - Sep 13, Wed 1:30 PM


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It's RingFest Week!

RingFest 2016 welcomes 16 Bell Choirs from as far away as Washington state, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Maryland, Texas, and Virginia, as well as neighboring states: Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana and from Toledo, Ohio.

They will receive instruction October 27 and 28 and the combined Festival Concert will take place at 7:30pm on Friday, October 28 at Toledo First Seventh-day Adventist Church.

If you cannot be present, join us by live streaming the concert Friday night.

There is a clip from 2014 RingFestDVD Ordering Form You may order a DVD or CD from 2012-2015

Ringfest from before this time period are no longer in production. They are now available online.